The Power of SYNTAINICS®

The world’s most advanced, sustainable Group III/III+ base oil technology…


Sustainable Group III/III+ Base Oil Technology

PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® base oil technology transforms used oil into advanced, premium-quality base oil products, solvents, white-label PCMOs, HDDOs, and other finished lubricants.

SYNTAINICS® is based upon a powerful combination of our exclusive HyRes™ technology, and our exclusive Honeywell UOP HyLube™ and HyLubeSAT™ technology.

SYNTAINICS® base oils are available in a dynamic range of straight cuts—and custom blends.

Toll Blending with SYNTAINICS®

Sustainable Solutions with Lower CO2 Emissions—and Lower TFCs

There are plenty of providers of white-label PCMO and HDDO solutions. But only SYNTAINICS® base oil technology offers sustainable, possibilities for PCMOs, HDDOs, and other finished lubricants—along with significant opportunities for lower formulation costs.

Even better, SYNTAINICS® base oil technology helps extend our natural oil resources, and reduce CO2 emissions during the refining process.

And whether you choose SYNTAINICS® toll blending services for extra capacity, seasonal production, or as a complete solution for a sustainable product line, you can count on seamless integration, flawless production, and outstanding customer service.


SYNTAINICS® base oils are the most advanced, sustainable Group III/III+ base oils available in the world. We offer a variety of straight-cuts and custom products for all kinds of applications:

  • finished lubricants
  • fuels
  • polymers and coatings
  • white-label PCMOs
  • and any other application that requires sustainability and outstanding performance

Group II Base Oils Also Available

In addition to our advanced Group III base oils, PURAGLOBE also offers Group II base oils in straight cuts and custom products—in a variety of viscosities.

PCMOs: SYNTAINICS® White-label Services

These are no ordinary white-label PCMO formulations. SYNTAINICS® white-label PCMOs are the only sustainable Group III/III+ formulations available. They not only deliver outstanding performance, but are both eco-efficient and fuel-efficient as well.

SYNTAINICS® white-label PCMOs are available in several viscosities:

  • 0W20
  • 0W40
  • 5W20
  • 5W30
  • 10W30
  • with more formulations on the way…

HDDOs: SYNTAINICS® White-label Services

SYNTAINICS® base oils also enable sustainable, Heavy Duty Diesel-engine Oils (HDDOs), which are available in a wide range of viscosities:

10Wxx — 15Wxx

And with plenty of potential for nano-molecular innovations to enable extended fleet-maintenance cycles and outstanding protection against friction and wear. Of course, PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® HDDOs can be developed to your exact needs and most demanding applications.

Best of all, SYNTAINICS® white-label HDDOs help reduce CO2 emissions, and enable outstanding eco-efficiency and fuel-efficiency—with seamless integration into your existing production capacity, or as a complete, turn-key solution for your HDDO production.


Cleaner mobility matters—and so does cleaner, more efficient manufacturing. That’s why PURAGLOBE is proud to offer a variety of sustainable solvents for all kinds of manufacturing and metal-working applications.

SYNTAINICS® solvents not only offer outstanding performance, but can be custom engineered to help improve efficiency and help lower production costs, while integrating sustainability and lower CO2 emissions.

Innovating with SYNTAINICS® Technology

PURAGLOBE was founded on a commitment to innovation and sustainability. We were the first to develop sustainable Group II and Group III base oils using HyLube™ and HyLubeSAT™ technology. And we were the first to use these base oils to develop sustainable engine oils.

Striving for more…

We work closely with our clients and partners to innovate with SYNTAINICS® technology even more. For example, we’re working with our partner Applied Graphene Materials UK Ltd. (AGM) to develop graphene-enhanced base oils. As part of our R&D collaboration, we’re combining SYNTAINICS® base oils, solvents, and finished lubricants—with graphene nano-molecules from AGM—to provide sustainability, outstanding performance, and extraordinary performance and protection.

Learn more about SYNTAINICS®

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