Honeywell Announces Next-Gen Turbo Technology

Press Release: 16 September, 2017

Wayne, PA—At the 67th Annual IAA Cars event in Frankfurt, Germany, Honeywell announced new turbocharger technology that optimizes performance—and helps reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

And what could be better than car equipped with a Honeywell turbocharger that helps reduce emissions and improve performance?

Well, for one thing, a car that also runs on sustainable engine oils and lubricants made using Honeywell UOP HyLubeSAT® technology—available exclusively from PURAGLOBE—that helps reduce CO2 emissions and improve performance as well.

Watch a video explaining the new Honeywell third-generation turbocharger…

Read more about Honeywell UOP HyLubeSAT® technology from PURAGLOBE…


PURAGLOBE Media Relations