Press Release: 1 June, 2017

Wayne, PA—PURAGLOBE is proud to lead the worldwide CARE FOR CLIMATE® initiative and help support sustainable innovations for cleaner mobility and sustainable transportation.

And now, is becoming a trusted source for news and information about sustainability, with focus on the lastest developments in sustainable mobility—from hydrogen-powered trains, autonomous e-ferries,  the world’s largest “energy plus” dumptruck, and more.

Aside from the latest innovations, the website also features news about CARE FOR CLIMATE® partners, such as HOUGHTON. And it also features technology developments from PURAGLOBE partners, such as Honeywell’s announcement about new turbocharger technology designed to help reduce CO2 emissions.

PURAGLOBE is the exclusive licensee of Honeywell UOP HyLube® and HyLubeSAT® technology—and uses these base oil technologies to create sustainable engine oils and lubricants that help reduce CO2 emissions and improve performance as well. is supported by an international editorial team, that curates and carefully selects news and information from various, trusted sources around the world.

Dr. Soenke Moehr, the Director of Global Sales & Marketing for PURAGLOBE, explains one of the reasons why is important: “Sustainability matters. It’s no longer just a slogan about being “green”—sustainability is an innovative force disrupting industries and driving evolutionary solutions for cleaner mobility. Thought leaders in one industry must now learn from sustainable solutions and innovations in other industries. And in covering sustainable ideas and innovations from various industries and enterprises throughout the world, is designed to be a valuable source of ideas, innovations, and information.”


PURAGLOBE Media Relations