Sustainable Refining Solutions

Extending Our Natural Resources

PURAGLOBE transforms used oil and other pre-cursors—into sustainable base oils and finished lubricants.

We own and operate the most technologically-advanced refineries for sustainable base oil products in the world, using our proprietary HyRes™ technology, and our exclusive Honeywell UOP HyLube™ and HyLubeSAT™ process technologies.

Mitigating CO2 Emissions

And we’re just as passionate about sustainability as we are about innovation. That’s why we not only refine used oil—we transform it into the most advanced, sustainable Group III / III+ base oil products, PCMOs, HDDOs, and other finished lubricants available.

And we do so using technologies that help our clients demonstrate their commitment to mitigating CO2 emissions. In fact, we’ve helped prevent more than 2 million tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere, according to calculations verified by NSF.


Using our unique process technologies, PURAGLOBE offers a dynamic assortment of sustainable base oil products—available in straight cuts or custom specialties.

GROUP II, II+ Base Oils

We transform used oil and other pre-cursors into sustainable Group II and II+ base oils, using our exclusive HyLube™ process technology and other proprietary technologies.


We also offer sustainable, Group III/III+ base oil products under our flagship brand, SYNTAINICS®—which we use for white-label PCMOs, HDDOs, and other finished lubricants.

We offer straight cuts and custom blends to meet your exact specifications.

Used Oil Collection…

We help our clients collect used oil, industrial derivatives, and other precursors to develop sustainable finished lubricants, including:

  • Used engine oil, gear oil, metal-working fluid
  • Intermediates from virgin refiners
  • General market feedstocks (used to produce base oils)
  • Other hydrocarbon precursors

(And Market Transformation)

Aside from cost-savings, our efficient collection services help extend the lifespan of our natural resources.

And when combined with our sustainable toll blending services, we help our clients transform markets into more sustainable eco-systems—to gain strategic advantages—and enable solutions for cleaner and greener mobility with reduced CO2 emissions.

Toll Blending, White-label PCMOs, HDDOs & Other Finished Lubricants

PURAGLOBE offers unparalleled toll blending services for white-label PCMOs, HDDOs, and other finished lubricants from Group II up to III/III+.

Our exclusive SYNTAINICS® base oil technology enables us to offer a variety of low-viscosity PCMOs and HDDOs, which can be used for gasoline and diesel engines—and bio-diesel and gas/ethanol blends as well.


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