The winning combination of sustainability and innovation…


We believe in sustainability and innovation—but none of it matters unless it performs. That’s why PURAGLOBE is the proud sponsor of several winning teams that help us put our products to the test.

Of course, it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. But with sustainable base oils, solvents, and finished lubricants made with SYNTAINICS® technology, we all win—and so does our environment.


Teamwork is a big part of everything we do at PURAGLOBE. And that’s just one of the reasons why we’re proud to sponsor our “hometown” basketball team in Germany, the Mitteldeutscher Basketball Club (“The SYNTAINICS MBC”). The team not only reminds us about the importance of collaboration and team-thinking. They will also help us develop and test applications of products made with our SYNTAINICS® technology on and off the court.

The SYNTAINICS MBC team members also serve as ambassadors for the global CARE FOR CLIMATE® initiative, that was founded by PURAGLOBE.


Nothing can be more thrilling—or frightening—than speeding through a curve with your body barely above the asphalt. Yet that’s what Rico Penzkofer and the members of his Penz13 motorcylce racing team do lap after grueling lap. The team races the most demanding courses all over the world and wins, the Penz13 team also helps put PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® racing oils and fluids to the test.

We’re currently developing a special engine oil for racing motorcycles for the 2019 season—stay tuned for the results!


PURAGLOBE is proud to be the sponsor of the CARE FOR CLIMATE® Racing Team—winners of the 24-hour Endurance Race at Nürburgring in 2017 and 2018 (AT Class).

In 2017, from the starting line to the winner’s circle, the CARE FOR CLIMATE Porsche GT4 was running with sustainable PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® SAE 5W50 engine oil and DCT POWERFORCE fluid.

In 2018, the team raced with a Porsche GT3 with an advanced, PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® SAE 5W40 formulation. And an even more advanced formulation will be put to the test in 2019.

Some call it the world’s fastest base oil R&D lab. We call it proof that PCMOs and finished lubricants made with SYNTAINICS® technology can perform even in the most demanding applications in motorsports.

Daniel Harnisch

Bicycle racing is a sport that tests the strength and agility of both man and machine. The slightest of mistakes, and anything less than optimal materials and performance can make a difference. That’s why PURAGLOBE is proud to sponsor pro-racing cyclist Daniel Harnisch.

Daniel is not only part of our winning CARE FOR CLIMATE® team, but he is helping us develop sustainable, precision chain lubricants, hub greases and more.

Sponsorship Inquiries

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