Sustainable, Cost-effective PCMOs

The only sustainable, Group III white-label PCMO solution available…


PURAGLOBE is proud to offer complete, sustainable PCMO solutions based on our exclusive SYNTAINICS® technology—which helps reduce CO2 emissions, and lower total formulation costs.


These are no ordinary white-label PCMO formulations. SYNTAINICS® white-label PCMOs are the only sustainable Group III formulations available. They not only deliver outstanding performance, but are both eco-efficient and fuel-efficient as well.

SYNTAINICS® white-label PCMOs are available in several formulations:

  • 0W20
  • 0W40
  • 5W20
  • 5W30
  • 10W30
  • and custom formulations as well

Exclusive Technology =
Exclusive Opportunities

SYNTAINICS® white-label PCMO formulations are the perfect way to develop sustainable products under your own brand.

Aside from extending our valuable oil resources, SYNTAINICS PCMO formulations help reduce emissions and formulation costs—which offer plenty of advantages in marketing your own formulations.

Our SYNTAINICS® white-label PCMO formulations have been developed using UOP HyLubeSAT™ technology. And as the exclusive, worldwide licensee of UOP HyLubeSAT™ technology, nobody else can offer the advantages that SYNTAINICS® white-label PCMO formulations can provide.

Proven Performance

Aside from outstanding quality and sustainability, SYNTAINICS® white-label PCMOs offer uncompromising performance.

We’ve put our SYNTAINICS® PCMO formulations to the test in some of the most demanding and grueling conditions imaginable. For example, we put PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® SAE 5W50 engine oil and DCT POWERFORCE fluid to the test during the 2017 24-hour endurance race at Nürburgring (Germany).

And we did it again in 2018 as the CARE FOR CLIMATE Racing Team won first and second place in the AT Class with PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® SAE 5W40 formulation under the hood of their Porsche GT3 and GT4 race cars.

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white-label PCMO solutions…

For sales and information about SYNTAINICS® White-Label PCMO Services, please contact:

US & Americas

Vicente Stella
+1 954. 256. 80. 54

Alberto Mendoza
+1 954. 256. 80. 54

Sales Office Americas
2225 N. Commerce Parkway Suite #4
Weston, Florida 33326, USA



Dr. Soenke Moehr
+49 3441. 228. 159. 23

** PURAGLOBE determined the carbon footprint of its collection and re-refining steps to determine the environmental impact of the process.  PURAGLOBE carbon footprint calculations of the re-refining process were verified by an independent third party, NSF International. This verification was done in accordance with requirements of ISO/TS 14067:2013, Greenhouse gases – Carbon footprint of products – Requirements and guidelines for quantification and communication and ISO 14064-3:2006, Greenhouse gases – Part 3: Specification with guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions.